Double deck helicopter refueling system for offshore platform

Double deck helicopter refueling system for offshore platform

The skid, with the height of 6,30 meter is one of the largest in house assembled helicopter refueling systems by Sypack. 

The helicopter refueling package consist of a helicopter fuel storage unit, two fuel transfer pumps and a skid mounted helicopter fuel dispensing unit. The helicopter refueling package will be located on new top side platform, which is located in the Arabian Gulf.

With an extensive track record, Sypack delivers practical and reliable helicopter refueling systems that contribute to a safe environment and reduction of human errors. To guarantee optimal safety, the design of the Helicopter Refueling Package is tailor-made to the client’s specifications. The complete package is designed in accordance to Shell DEP specifications.

Unloading by gravity

The tank laydown will be equipped with a double walled 8000-litre U-stamped Jet fuel storage tank which will be located underneath the transportable tanks. The double containment of the Jet fuel tank and the leak detection system ensures safe operation. The three 3000 liter tanks located on top of the static tank will be provided with a quick coupling connection to the storage tank. This enables them to be unloaded by means of gravity into the storage tank.