Helicopter refueling systems for the naval industry

Helicopter operations play a key role in maximising operational flexibility of naval and government vessels. In order to optimise helicopter operations it is vital that on board fuel handling systems are designed for minimised response and downtime while maintaining high fuel quality in any situation.

Sypack has extensive experience in providing helicopter refueling systems for marine vessels, with a strong focus on quality, reliability, operational efficiency, safety and ergonomics. Our fuel handling systems are currently operational on a range of vessels such as replenishment ships, frigates, offshore patrol vessels, coast guard and research vessels.

Design and features

Our refueling solutions are designed to minimise the number of crew members on deck and risk of human error. Refueling operations can be monitored and controlled from the Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) or performed locally in order to maximise flexibility during high intensity operations. Optional systems can be fully automatized in order to allow efficient operation with only 3 crew members including the landing officer.

Systems are designed to the available space, and engineered as skid based packages to reduce the required installation works. By integrating the control logic onto the skids we provide a turnkey solution that can easily be incorporated in the ship’s IPMS.

Based on operational requirements systems can be designed for a flow rate between 115 l/min and 1000 l/min, with an option to deliver any flow rate within this range. Typically systems will be designed for NATO F-44 fuel using Military Off the Shelf (MOTS) parts. This allows our systems to operate with both military grade fuel and commercial aviation fuels such as Jet A-1.

Maintenance & inspection

Frequent inspections and preventive maintenance enhance the safety and reliability of a refueling system. To ensure your system stays compliant to the latest standards, our authorized refueling inspectors can carry out inspection, certification and maintenance on helicopter refueling systems from various makes.

Compliance and legislation

Sypack systems comply with various STANAG and MIL standards and other specialised requirements for among others the following classification societies.

  • DNV GL
  • ABS
  • Lloyd’s
  • RINA
  • CCS
  • Bureau Veritas

Helicopter In-flight Refueling (HIFR)

Helicopter In-Flight Refueling (HIFR) assemblies can be retrofitted to all Sypack systems for military use without any profound modifications. These assemblies can easily be fitted to the existing hose and allow refueling operations with use of the existing pump and filtration solution. All of our HIFR solutions are in compliance with STANAG 3847.

Fuel quality upgrade

Long term storage and poor availability of military grade fuels during deployment may cause inability to conduct flight operations or lead to disposal of fuels. In some cases fuel can be chemically upgraded using additives, however, accurate dosing of the additives has been proven to be critical.

Sypack has extensive experience with chemical injection and dosing. Based on the installed system on board, we can offer accurate chemical dosing solutions for use during fuel transfers between tanks. This allows accurate chemical upgrading without exposing crew members to potentially hazardous chemicals.

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