Helicopter Refueling systems OPV Defence Maritime

Successful completion of helicopter refueling systems for OPV

Sypack finalized three helicopter refueling systems for which will be installed on a 86 meter Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV). The delivery of the ordered system comprises two pump skids, three dispenser skid with fuel recycle system. The systems are designed according DNVGL Certification.

Fuel recycle system 

The refueling system is geared with a recycle system that gives the system the possibility to recycle fuel. The fuel will be pumped from the fuel tank through the filter and back into the same tank. The filtering process will increase the fuel quality by removing any water and particulate matter from the fuel. This is useful when the tank has been breathing in humid air from outside.


The system will be capable of defueling. The fuel will be collected through the underwing or overwing nozzle and pumped directly into the defuel tank. The fuel in the defuel tank can be recycled in order to allow it for further use.

About the OPV

The large offshore patrol vessel has exceptional sea-keeping characteristics and is known to have set new standards in many ways. The vessel can be fitted with several weapons and surveillance payloads as well as three interceptor boats and can accommodate up to 100 persons.