helicopter refueling systems-for the offshore industry

Service & Repair

Sypack being a part of the Vydraulics group can utilise the services of the Vydraulics Service & Repair team. A team of 30+ highly skilled service engineers that operates from our locations worldwide.

Vydraulics services include, but are not limited to: repair & overhaul, modifications, inspections, flushing, commissioning, testing & certification, offshore support and spare part management.

Our unique combination of specialist knowledge, practical experience and teamwork is unrivalled. We solve short-term problems or provide future-orientated solutions to prevent unnecessary malfunction of our own or third party equipment. You can always rely on our professional support, both on demand and on contract basis.

Testing and Certification

Prevent malfunction of your hydraulic equipment by regular testing. Over time systems can become outdated or small malfunctions can occur….


The Sypack service engineers are trained tot smoothly get any helicopter refueling systems up and running. With our extensive knowledge…

Repair & overhaul

To minimise downtime and for your convenience Sypack has access to a team of 30+ service engineers. These service engineers…


Good maintenance improves the uptime, durability and safe operation of helicopter refueling systems. Our team of highly qualified service professionals…