helicopter refueling system offshore

Future proof helicopter refueling system

Offshore transport of, for example service employees, is still done by helicopter quite a lot. Sypack was asked to develop a fully autonomous functioning helicopter fuel system to place on a transformer island at a wind farm. Since these helicopter flights for commuting are taking place multiple times a day, such a helicopter fuel system will increase efficiency and safety.

Self-cleaning helicopter refueling system

The system Sypack designed meets all contemporary requirements and can completely be monitored remotely through all the incorporated sensors. The sampling of the jet fuel can be done remote and the system will clean itself daily to guarantee the jet fuel quality. To ensure helicopters can always refuel, the system also has a sensor that signals timely when new fuel needs to be ordered.

The complete helicopter refueling system has been designed and fabricated in-house by Sypack, including programming of the software for all the sensors.

More information about helicopter refueling systems?

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