Helicopter refueling systems

Sypack is specialised in providing engineered helicopter refueling solutions for the offshore, luxury yacht and naval (defence) industry. We offer products ranging from standardised to fully customised solutions. Our systems are in complete compliance with the relevant international legislation, class society and client requirements. Our extensive track record consists of an installed base of over 300 systems worldwide.

Besides custom build refueling systems, Sypack also rents out helicopter refueling systems. When you are looking for a temporary refueling solution we can help you find the best option. For more information, please click here or contact our office.

As a market leader, Sypack provides maintenance services and spare parts for helicopter refueling systems. Companies rely on our global service, we manage challenging international projects from our location in the Netherlands . We comply with all relevant international legislation, and our engineers are fully qualified to service any helicopter refueling system both on and offshore.